Up coming show Watford Museum starts 5th May

Currently working on new work for my show at Watford museum, see details of show in events.

The exhibition is based on the museum which covers the history of Watford see the museum website http://watfordmuseum.org.uk/links.html for more details on the history. 

I am particularly looking at the contents of the museum and looking to present them in a different way. 

Below is my latest work in progress based on the exhibits at the museum 



New Works

I am currently working on a series of water colours based on my self portrait. I have only recently starting working with water colour again and I do wonder why I haven't used it more often as I love the spontaneity of it.




Up coming exhibitions


Iam currently busy working on works for a couple of group exhibitions I am taking part in the coming months. Firsty from the 28th October at the RK Burt see events for details. I will have some new graphite drawings as part of the exhibtion. The second exhibition starts on the 18th of  December at the Espacio gallery see events for details. In this exhibtion I plan to show a mixture of paintings, drawings and sculpture as part of the group exhibtion. I do hope you can attend one or hopefully both exhibitions, there are some very good artists taking part. M